Here you can download some Bootlegs. Please note: as long as not otherwise mentioned, these recordings were taped by fans!

    The Tea Party – Summer 2011
    Live at the Sound Academy, Toronto – July 2011
    Taped by AF
    Cover by Russel Grigg: Download cover here (right mouse click -> save target as..)
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    The Tea Party – Live Transmissions
    Live at the Congress Center, Ottawa – 11/08/1997

    Feat. some rarely played songs like Babylon, Alarum or Aftermath.

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    The Tea Party – Flowers Of Evil
    Live at the Commodore Ballroom, 2003

    This soundboard-recording was handed out by the band to to give their fans a goodie while waiting for the next album, which was at that time Seven Circles.

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    The Tea Party – The Capitol Demo Tape
    ca. 1992

    Story goes, that this demo tape was sent to various labels to get a record deal. For the very first time you can now download the complete and remastered Capitol Demo Tape

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    The Tea Party – Live in Montreal
    Cabaret, 1996

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01. Intro
02. Writing’s On The Wall
03. The Bazaar
04. Lullaby
05. Psychopomp
06. The Messenger
07. Fire In The Head
08. Correspondences
09. Heaven Coming Down
10. Sun Going Down
11. Zahira / The Halcyon Days
12. Save Me
13. Release
14. Temptation
15. Winter Solstice / Sister Awake

Download Front Cover (right mouse click -> save target as..)
Download Back Cover (right mouse click -> save target as..)

01. Hello Ottawa…
02. The Bazaar
03. Army Ants
04. Fire In The Head
05. Embryo
06. Babylon
07. Psychopomp
08. Hela Lisa/Sister Awake
09. Transmission
10. Release

01. Save Me
02. Temptation
03. Turn The Fucking Lamp Down Low
04. Aftermath
05. Winter Solstice/Sister Awake
06. Alarum
07. The River

Download Front Cover (right mouse click -> save target as..)
Download Back Cover (right mouse click -> save target as..)

01. The River
02. Fire In The Head
03. Lullaby
04. Psychopomp
05. Shadows On The Mountainside
06. In This Time
07. Inanna
08. Walking Wounded
09. Sun Is Going Down

10. Halycon Days
11. Correspondences
12. The Bazaar
13. Cathartik
14. Save Me
15. Mantra
16. Temptation
17. The Messenger
18. Sister Awake (incomplete!)

01. The River
02. Timing Song
03. In This Time
04. Pie Dog On The Prowl
05. On My Knees
06. Solomons Blues
07. Dancing In The Moonlit Night
08. Haze On The Hills
09. The Majestic Song
01. The Bazaar
02. Silence
03. Inanna
04. Shadows On The Mountainside
05. The River
06. Winter Solstice
07. Save Me
08. Correspondences
09. Turn the lamp down low
10. Sister Awake

37 Responses to Downloads

  1. linda says:

    I remembering The Tea Party at the Queen E with the VSO. Great show. Love the sound. You’ve got to be Vancouver bound. Leeward side of the mountains.

  2. Nick de Rohan says:

    Hey TTP wondered if you’d have any recordings of one of your early triple j sets from round 97/98 i think? love to hear it if its there, cheers for it all so far!

  3. Jake says:

    I can only get these songs to stream on a quicktime player. How do I actually download them?

  4. Jose Faria (Brazilian Fan) says:

    I can’t believe they are back! I was lucky enough to see Jeff Martin last year in the Netherlands (twice!), but now I wanna go to Canada to see The Tea Party!!!!! Thanks for making available such a rare stuff!

  5. stelios nomikos says:

    another one diamond in my collection.thanksssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Nick de Rohan says:

    And wow the quality herein of these recordings is really clear, great job admin Great to hear lots of vintage Tea Party, loving it can’t wait for whats in store!

  7. Nick de Rohan says:

    You are gods among men!

  8. Nick de Rohan says:

    Halcyon days from the vancouver show not available? says page missing, love that track.

  9. Nick de Rohan says:

    Any chance of a recording from when you guys did the orchestral shows? that would be incredible

  10. stelios nomikos says:

    halycon days track dont downloading(error). all the other tracks is fantastic with amazing perfomence.ONE BIG THANK YOU for the staff

  11. chris says:

    great to see the old site back up again!

    Has the Capitol Demo tape been re-remastered since it appeared in full on the internet in 2006, or is it the same?

  12. jay says:

    Cant wait

  13. stelios nomikos says:

    really fantastic,demo and live from tea party.enjoy

  14. cavan says:

    nice bootleg …. was at the show …. so glad they touring again…great site do u have more bootlegs


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