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Fire In The Head


Live at the Biazarre Festival 1999

After a touring break of 4 years the Tea Party returned to Germany with a fulminante gig at the Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany. Not only that Martin had some Halsschmerzen, but at the beginning of the show they were also fighting with some sound problems: So the songs you can download here sound very raw.



The Halycon Days
The Messenger


Live at Rock im Park

After the successful return back in 1999, the band returned to Europe to play some headliner gigs as well as some Festivlas, including the PinkPop Festival in Holland and the Rock im Park Festival in Germany. Both are one of the biggest festivals in Europe.



Sister Awake


Intimitate & Interactive - live at Much Music

"Intimitate and Interactive" is a show broadcasted by Canadian music channel "Much Music". During the 90 min long show the featured band performs various songs and also answers questions, asked via phone or email, from their fans.


Army Ants
Fire In The Head
Save Me
Sister Awake


Intimitate & Interactive - Much Music

Much Music, Toronto, Mai 1998

You can watch the videos of the show which was recorded in May 1998. During the show the band played Alhambra´s "Save Me" version for the first time. This version found it´s way onto the Triptych Special Tour Edition. The video for "Psychopomp" was also shot during this broadcast.



The River
Shadows On ...


Heinz-Rudolf Kunze & Friends - live at the E-Werk, Cologne

During the music-messe "PopKomm" in Cologne, Heinz-Rudolf Kunze (German musician) gave a concert and invited some bands he liked. This was the first TP appareance in German television. Although the location is pretty dark, Jeff Burrows was wearing sunglass during the show, because of ablue eye he got while celebrating his birthday a little bit too much the other day before. :)





Interview at GIGA TV

To promote the new album "The Interzone Mantras", EMI Germany organized this interview with the German issue of NBC´s GIGA TV - a channel for computer teenies. Non of the views had a clue who TTP were and so that had to answer stupid questions like "Where is Canada" or "Who is the best Bond?". The band took the whole situation with a good sense of humor. (Side note: this was the last promotion EMI Germany did for the band - after that, they switched the German record label)



Part I
Part II


Interview at the Bizarre Festival `99

In the summer of `99 Triptych was already released in Canada, but not in Germany. The plan was to release the album later in the year, but the music chain WOM sold the album as an import so well, that EMI Germany was gezwungen to release the album sooner than it was planed and put them on the bill of the 13th Bizarre Festival in Cologne.


Sorry, but we had to take the videos down from the site!