July 30, 2011 – North Bay Waterfront, North Bay, Canada

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Patrik Gilbert


Writings On The Wall



Heaven Coming Down

The Messenger

Sister Awake

2 Responses to July 30, 2011 – North Bay Waterfront, North Bay, Canada

  1. Becka says:

    AWESOME show on Sat night! Glad I took that mini-tour this summer to see the guys at two venues other than PTBO (my hometown- and the very first place I saw them play so many years ago, and again this summer), Toronto and North Bay- all TOTALLY worth it!!! Looking forward to and hoping for a new album and more touring in the next couple years…Will always be a loyal fan!!! Thanks for an amazing tour guys, and taking the time in North Bay to do autographs- good to meet all three of ya finally!!! :D

  2. dave says:

    set list?

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