July 05, 2011 – The Venue, Peterborough, Canada

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Writing’s On The Wall



Heaven Coming Down

Sister Awake

The Messenger


External photo galleries:

01. Writing’s On The Wall
02. The Bazaar
03. Lullaby
04. Psychopomp
05. The Messenger
06. Fire In The Head
07. Correspondences
08. Heaven Coming Down
09. Sun Is Going Down
10. Halcyon Days
11. Save Me
12. Release
13. Temptation
14. Sister Awake

9 Responses to July 05, 2011 – The Venue, Peterborough, Canada

  1. Becka says:

    It was an awesome show! It’s unfortunate that I got false info from the people @ the Venue re: an opening act and such, we didn’t arrive til 9:45 (because most shows in PTBO don’t start til 10:30 or 11pm at most venues) and hence missed the first 15 mins!

    What we DID see was an absolutely AWESOME show! My boyfriend listened to them a little back in the day, but wasn’t as crazy a fan as I am- and he really enjoyed the show! He was excited to hear “Heaven Coming Down” and I was over the moon that the boys played “Sun Coming Down” – just like they did @ the Mod Club in Toronto years ago- good N’ bluesy as always!!! Still waiting to hear “Emerald” guys! Gonna come see you in Toronto and North Bay- lookin’ forward to two more amazing shows!!! :D

  2. Russell says:

    I really really wish they didn’t cut The River out. I was so shocked when I got the setlist and saw it on there…

    The day I heard the band I hold dearest to my heart was getting back together, was the day I had to see my 13-year-old dog/son ulimately lose his battle with lymphoma. So these reunion shows are really personal memorials of him for me.

    With just a minor botched ending to Psychopomp, this really was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Just being there for the first gig of their long-awaited reunion… Words can’t describe.

    A little shocked to see JM pick up a Cherry Epiphone G-1275 (on HCD & HD) rather than that luscious black Gibson EDS-1275 from years back… Maybe he left it back in Aus?

  3. Cathartik says:

    Please somebody tell me this show was bootlegged!

  4. Dan Beska says:

    Absolutely timeless.

  5. mick raven says:

    Awsum Absolutely Awsum!!!

  6. Benoit Gendron says:

    Someone can post the setlist please?

    • Marco says:

      The setlist is there! You have to click on the link which is called “Click here to open/close” setlist at the top of this page!

  7. Steve Elliott says:


  8. Mario Pettinato says:

    Still can’t believe its happened .

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