July 07, 2011 – The Metropolis, Montreal, Canada

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Save Me



The River

01. Writing’s On The Wall
02. The Bazaar
03. Lullaby
04. Psychopomp
05. The Messenger
06. Fire In The Head
07. Correspondences
08. Heaven Coming Down
09. Sun Is Going Down
10. Halcyon Days
11. Save Me
12. Release
13. Temptation
14. The River
15. Sister Awake

Spectacle: Le 7 juillet 2011 au Métropolis de Montréal
Compte-rendu: Sophie LeMay

Peu de temps après l’ouverture des portes du Métropolis, les sièges du deuxième étage ont déjà tous trouvé preneur et quelques braves sont massés devant la scène pour avoir la meilleure vue possible de The Tea Party. Ils devront toutefois attendre plus d’une heure avant que le groupe The Reason ne s’installe sur scène pour la faire la première partie du groupe tant attendu, devant une foule maintenant composée de plusieurs centaines de personnes.

Le quintette ontarien nous présente un rock plutôt léger qui rappelle parfois Tom Petty. Dès la première pièce, le chanteur-guitariste fait un bon travail d’interaction avec la foule. On peut même dire qu’il se démène véritablement dans le petit espace qu’il peut occuper, tout comme le claviériste-guitariste, qui va même jusqu’à se mettre debout sur son clavier. Malgré l’éclairage agressant souvent braqué sur la foule, c’est une bonne prestation qui réussit à réchauffer l’atmosphère.

Après s’être laissé désirer six ans, puis quelques minutes de plus que prévu, les gars de The Tea Party entrent sur scène sous les cris de joie et les applaudissements. Les ardeurs légèrement calmées, ils reprennent à peu près là où ils avaient laissé les choses, avec le premier simple de leur dernier album ensemble. Vers la deuxième chanson, Jeff Martin confirme ce que bien des fans pouvaient maintenant se permettre d’espérer : The Tea Party est de retour pour de bon. Et il le répétera à plusieurs reprises au cours de la soirée. Le trio nouvellement réuni est en pleine forme et en pleine symbiose. Le son est très bon, à part quelques problèmes lors de changements d’instrument, et la foule est véritablement en délire, chantant et tapant des mains à la moindre occasion. Les gars ne pouvaient faire autrement qu’être émus devant une telle démonstration d’enthousiasme. Comme on pouvait s’y attendre, le spectacle a des allures de “best-of”, avec des chansons tirées de toute la discographie, avec un penchant pour les quatre premiers albums (sans tenir compte du pré-Splendor Solis). Quelques intros allongées, voire jammées, et quelques solos viennent agrémenter le tout. Bref, environ deux heures de pur bonheur!

Canadian band The Tea Party was at the Metropolis last night after 7 years of absence. The band broke up in 2005 due to creative differences and came back together this year stronger and really motivated, just like they showed us yesterday.

The expectations were so high, as soon as the first band The Reason ended their set, people were starting to get enthusiast and you could hear some people screaming time to time “Tea Party!!” or “Yeah!! Jeff Martin!!”. The wait between both bands was a little long, around 45 minutes, but it was worth the wait.

As soon as The Tea Party came on stage, the crowd was screaming so loud, hands in the air, applauding their idols. They started with the song “Writing’s on the Wall” from their last full length “Seven Circles”, and the crowd was immediately sold! Next one they played was “The Bazaar” from the full length “The Edges of Twilight” after that one, Jeff Martin told the crowd that The Tea Party will never split again and they were here to stay which made people scream even louder than they were already.

No matter what we can say about this band, like it or not, you cannot deny that those guys are exceptional musicians. Jeff Martin played, as usual, multiple instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, double-neck guitar as well as taking a bow to play on his electric guitar: it was all very impressive to see. Stuart Chatwood, bass player, was switching also between his bass, keyboard and guitar. Martin’s voice is one of those were you can hear that he has a real talent for singing by seeing that, during live shows, his voice is the same and often better than on their albums! His voice is clear and without false note. And lets not forget how talented is Jeff Burrows on percussions.

Throughout all their set, they were smiling and seemed to be glad to be back on stage together. They didn’t loose anything at all during those 7 years. In my opinion, they were even better than before, if that’s even possible! The connection between them seemed to be back like it was when they first started many years ago. Jeff was chatty and told us many times that they were happy to be back in Montreal and repeated that The Tea Party would not break up again.

The band did a greatest hits concert. They mostly played songs from their first 4 full lengths. I personally don’t think that no one present there was disappointed with the setlist. It was hit after hit throughout the whole evening. They strongly ended with “The River” for the first encore and “Sister Awake” for the second encore. The encores were the peak of the evening, people were expecting those songs during all the night and they had the pleasure to hear them at the end; people left being really happy and pumped almost more than they were at the beginning of the show!

It was amazing to see The Tea Party back together again and hopefully they will really stay a band for good!

8 Responses to July 07, 2011 – The Metropolis, Montreal, Canada

  1. Liz says:

    “Isames26” – your Youtube videos are wonderful!! Thanks for uploading all of those. Can’t wait until the big Toronto show (it’s sort of the hometown show..next to Windsor, of course)… :)

  2. Mona S. says:

    Seriously, what an experience. Honestly, to me, it was just perfect. Overstatement? Probably. But it doesn’t change how I feel.

    I find that the light gears and lack of stage props don’t matter to me at all when it comes to this band, because it’s all about the music, the raw emotion of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jeff’s voice was, as always, entrancing, and the performances were pretty much spot-on. I really can’t say anything negative about the show (except that the Metropolis was a furnace, but I guess that’s what happens when Jeff has the crazy idea of unbuttoning his shirt) – I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I’m so happy we got to be in front. They played with great passion and I loved the story-telling vibe of each song.

    Only wish my friend and I could have stuck around like at the last 777 show in Mtl to meet them, but who knows, maybe next time. We would love to attend another one of the Canadian shows this summer. Same set list maybe, but guaranteed same high.

  3. JP says:

    Great show, powerful energy and the fun to play seems to be back!
    We were the witness of a great band reunion lead by Jeff Martin and what seemed to be his happyness that the band came finally back together. He actually repeated that the band is back to stay many times!

    The songs, as always, were played right on with passion and energy! I am a big fan of the band since 1995 where I came across a masterpiece called Splendor Solis and I always regretted that the band consistantly play a rigid – stick to the plan – setlist (althought they use the songs to put solos and stuff) over and over again through out the tour.

    I understand though that there is a lot to work on, like the lights gear that matches the songs, but a bit of spontaneity in the setlist would have been great (just as Pearl Jam does…i.e. nobody knows which songs will be played each and every night)…just to surprise me and others who have seen the way too many times;)!
    Besides that…all 10! Thanks to be back guys!!

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  5. sakkara says:

    …awesom…painfull…amazing…and so much love!!!
    …the ways put us back together…as far as we keep that trust and that beleive!!! and all that respect!
    merci !!! for all that energy from the 3 of you… and for having that courage to be and just to be again for yourselves and for us… all the blessing,
    much love sarah-sakkara xoxoxo

    hopefully we will meet again my or our 3 angels???

  6. Jen says:

    It was a great show last night!! Had so much fun!! So happy i met the band. Love you guys!! =)

  7. dave says:

    What was the capacity last night?

  8. Carla Kennedy says:

    I live in New Brunswick but have already bought and received my tickets for the Montreal show at the Metropolis! Any way to find out if there will be any pre/post event meet and greet sessions? I’ll be sure to upload some of our pics from the show. Figure if we’re going to drive 9hrs up and 9hrs back to attend it wouldn’t hurt to find out about any meet and greet opportunities:)

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