Vote for your dream setlist!

    The Tea Party are together again after a six-and-a-half year hiatus. The band will play a couple of live shows in Canada, including festivals as well as headliner shows. At the moment, no other shows are planned! So this may be the last opportunity to see the band live in action!

    We wonder which songs do you would like to hear on their upcoming summer gigs?

    There are certain songs which are most likely on the setlist, so you can’t vote for them. These songs are (in chronological order):

  1. The River
  2. Save Me
  3. Fire In The Head
  4. The Bazaar
  5. Sister Awake
  6. Temptation
  7. Psychopomp
  8. The Poll is closed! Thanks a lot for your votings!

    Poll result:

    • Sun Is Going Down (336 Votes)
    • Turn The Lamp Down Low (325 Votes)
    • Transmission (318 Votes)
    • The Messenger (313 Votes)
    • Heaven Coming Down (312 Votes)
    • Emerald (300 Votes)
    • Walk With Me (300 Votes)
    • Coming Home (289 Votes)
    • A Certain Slant Of Light (240 Votes)
    • Drawing Down The Moon (238 Votes)
    • Correspondences (217 Votes)
    • Requiem (214 Votes)
    • Lullaby (207 Votes)
    • Luxuria (181 Votes)
    • Angels (179 Votes)
    • Oceans (178 Votes)
    • The Halcyon Days (176 Votes)
    • Babylon (147 Votes)
    • Release (144 Votes)
    • Gone (135 Votes)
    • Chatartik (123 Votes)
    • Army Ants (123 Votes)
    • Inanna (120 Votes)
    • Writing´s On The Wall (105 Votes)
    • The Majestic Song (105 Votes)
    • Mantra (102 Votes)
    • Gyroscope (96 Votes)
    • Winter Solstice (90 Votes)
    • Samsara (87 Votes)
    • Shadows On The Mountainside (79 Votes)
    • Stargazer (78 Votes)
    • Raven Skies (78 Votes)
    • Alarum (70 Votes)
    • Master and Magarita (66 Votes)
    • Silence (66 Votes)
    • Midsummer Day (60 Votes)
    • In This Time (60 Votes)
    • These Living Arms (56 Votes)
    • Soulbreaking (56 Votes)
    • Pulse (46 Votes)
    • One Step Closer Away (44 Votes)
    • Seven Circles (42 Votes)
    • Overload (41 Votes)
    • Life Line (40 Votes)
    • Underground (39 Votes)
    • Wishing You Would Stay (38 Votes)
    • Taking Me Away (38 Votes)
    • The Interzone (37 Votes)
    • The Badger (37 Votes)
    • Great Big Lie (33 Votes)
    • Touch (31 Votes)
    • Chimera (31 Votes)
    • Apathy (30 Votes)
    • A Slight Attack (30 Votes)
    • Coming Back Again (29 Votes)
    • The Watcher (28 Votes)
    • Empty Glass (24 Votes)
    • White Water Siren (21 Votes)
    • Dreams Of Reason (17 Votes)
    • Dust To Gold (17 Votes)
    • Mustt Mustt (16 Votes)
    • Haze On the Hills (14 Votes)
    • Aftermath (13 Votes)

    Total Voters: 1,025

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41 Responses to Vote for your dream setlist!

  1. Natalie says:

    It’s a great list! Wish we could hear the Cobra though even though It’s not Tea Party Material, I’d love to see you play it live again ….:)

  2. Phro says:

    Its funny. Of my 7 selections, 2 are ranking high. The rest have concrete shoes. :)

  3. Ron van Baden says:

    Oh come on, give yourselves a present and pay a visit to Amsterdam to play in Paradiso. I’ll be there.

  4. Wesley says:

    This is gonna be great. You guys should mabye think of joining Daniel Lanois Harvest Festival in August if your still around, It is just outside of Hamilton and it says that more bands to be announced so there is a chance that you can jump on that bill. Im hoping to make it to a show if you come around Waterloo Region, I have seen you a few times and have just saw Jeff Martin doing his solo stuff and he has such a great front man persona.

  5. jsw dobry says:

    Pie Dog on the Prowl, Solomon’s Blues & Goodman Rag would be exquisite too. They shouldn’t be ashamed of their early material. They got stuck in a rut with their setlists for the last few tours. Nearly half of every album was nearly never played (i.e. Must Must, Master & Margerita, Alarum, Gyroscope, etc). This is a golden opportunity to pull out some underappreciated songs for their ever faithful fans. Of course, beggers can’t be choosers and I’m giddy to see them in Windsor!

  6. Benjamin Adler says:

    I picked Emerald, These Living Arms, Luxuria, Coming Home (duh), The Halcyon Days (even though they always play it), Mantra, and Coming Back Again.

    Song I’d love to see them play:

    Pie Dog On The Prowl!!!!

    Btw, this is being recorded for cd/dvd, right Marco???

  7. Cathartik says:

    HCD and the Messenger are #1 and #2? Really…?

  8. chris says:

    This is a golden opportunity for people to vote for some criminally underplayed songs (coming home, emerald, gyroscope, luxuria, life line etc).
    Who keeps votiong for the messenger, requiem and heaven coming down. These featured on nearly every set list in the latter years.

    now stop it, and vote for some of the real gems :-)

    • Aaron says:

      Totally! I dropped votes on Emerald, Gyroscope, and Life Line (my other 4 were Midsummer Day, The Badger, Shadows on the Mountainside, and One Step Closer Away). Luxuria would be solid too!

  9. Steve Richter says:

    It looks like all my favourite songs are already near the top, but I would really like to hear you guys do another Joy division song or a scott walker’s 30 Century Man (its short and could likely be worked into another song like I have heard you do in the past i think with the joy division one)

  10. Adrian says:

    No “Walking Wounded?” That’s a shame.

  11. Wendy says:

    My dreams come true! Please add a London show to the lineup… I’ll try to make it to Bayfest! I so enjoyed Jeff Martin at Call the Office – and I’ve seen the Tea Party play 7 times over the years… and sorely missed you! Please please please come to London!! Thank you so much for getting back together – even for a short time! Wow… this is way cool! I love you guys!!

    • BILL STUTTLE says:

      I also seen jeff Martin @ Call the Office, great show! Getting tickets for Windsor and would love a London date! Can’t wait!!!!

  12. Chris says:

    Welcome back guys! Cant imagine a setlist without HAlcyon DAys! One of the best songs ever! Jeff u promised us a gig here in Athens, Greece! I know its not something u can arrange but pls do what u can! Make our dream a wonderful reality!

    • John says:

      I’m so happy to meet another greek Tea Party fan!!!!:D:D:D:D I’m from Greece too!!! Ειναι ονειρο ζωης φιλε να τους δω live!!! Οταν εμαθα για το reunion ηταν σαν να εγινε ενα ονειρο πραγματικοτητα!!! Ο Jeff οντως ειχε υποσχεθει live στην Αθηνα!! Και πιστευω πως θα κρατησει την υποσχεση του!;) Την κρατησε τις 2 φορες που ηρθε μονος του unplugged!;) Και το τραγικο? Εμαθα και ξεκινησα να ακουω Tea Party ενα μηνα μετα το τελευταιο του live εδω! Σεπτεμβρη 2010 ειχε παιξει νομιζω,και εγω ξεκινησα να ακουω Νοεμβρη. Και ελεγα σιγα μην εχει απηχηση ενας τοσο μεγαλος καλλιτεχνης εδω. Η μουσικη τους για μενα ηταν σαν μια αναγεννηση μεσα μου. Σαν να ακουγα μουσικη για πρωτη φορα,ειχα συγκλονιστει και αυτο το συναισθημα δεν μου το εδωσε ποτε κανενας καλλιτεχνης και κανενα κομματι!!! Voting for the setlist was not easy. I left a lot of favorites outside but anyway we can’t have them all so here they are: Correspondences,Drawing Down The Moon,Shadows On The Mountainside,Turn The Lamp Down Low (any song from “The Edges Of Twilight” would make me happy:) ),Requiem,Heaven Coming Down and of course Halcyon Days as Chris said! I’ve got a dozen more songs I’d love to hear but these are the most desirable.

      • Chris says:

        John well said! Ποτέ δεν είναι αργά για να ανακαλύψεις ένα μουσικό!:) Σε καταλαβαίνω απόλυτα! Μοναδική εμπειρία η επαφή με τους Tea Party! Ελπίζω πραγματικά να μπορέσουμε να τους δούμε!!

  13. Nathan Gwinn says:

    Can’t we pick them all???? *lol* My “Seven” were Walk With Me, Sun Is Going Down, The Halcyon Days, A Certain Slant of Light, One Step Closer Away, Winter Solstice and Dreams of Reason. Oh how I dream of sitting around a campfire with them and listening to a private “unplugged” session. Welcome back fellows! We’ve missed you!

    Nate from Kitchener.

  14. Becka says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Peterborough! “Emerald” has always been one of my fevourite TP songs for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never heard it live (though a friend of mine says you’ve played it live once)- would love to her it @ the Venue this summer! Safe travels- see you in July! :D

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